Anderson man charged with molesting kids as young as 3-years-old for the last 19 years

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ANDERSON, Ind. — An Anderson man is behind bars, accused of molesting numerous children.

The youngest victim was just 3-years-old at the time the alleged crimes took place.  The other children were ages 7 and 8.

The suspect is now facing 33 felony counts.

Neighbors say they had no clue about the alleged sex crimes until police knocked on their doors over the weekend.

Police and sheriff’s evacuated the suspect’s apartment building just before serving their warrant.

“They asked us to leave.  They said they were going to throw gas bombs and they didn’t want the kids nearby,” said one neighbor Kasey.

With Kasey and the other residents out of the way, police broke down the suspects door and took Jayson Colbert into custody for sex crimes dating back to the 1990’s.

According to court records, Jayson repeatedly had sex with at least three young children from 1997 to 2010.

The probable cause claims at one point Jayson told one victim, “If he said something Jayson would shoot his siblings… and that it would be his fault.”

Kasey says the allegations are absolutely horrifying for her, because she lived alone with two young kids and the suspect would occasionally offer to look after her 4-year-old son.

“It’s just scary because he had a dog that attracted my son and he was always trying to be around and talk to him,” said Kasey.

Police also arrested Lisa Colbert and claim she knew about her husband’s molestation for years.

Lisa is also charged with fondling herself in front of the young victims.

In one case, prosecutors claim Lisa caught Jayson having sex with one of the young victims and did nothing.  Court records claim, “Lisa entered the room, glared at Jayson, and then left slamming the door.”

The suspects were arrested in Madison County, but the alleged crimes took place in Hamilton County.  That’s where the pair will ultimately have to face a judge.

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