Anderson Police investigate theft of police equipment

Anderson police call for neighborhood help to stop crime

Anderson police say they need neighbors’ help to stop crime in the city. Aishah Hasnie reports.

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ANDERSON, Ind.  (September 17, 2015)– Anderson police found themselves dealing with more than executing a search warrant Wednesday morning  when a family member of one of the suspects they were arresting  acted as a lookout in another crime.

Police were called to the home of Johnnie Gosha, who was being investigated by police for various drug charges.  After taking him and a girlfriend, Leeza Sanders into custody, they returned to their unmarked vehicles outside to learn that both had been illegally entered.

While the first vehicle had nothing taken, several items from the second had been removed including a Colt AR-15 rifle, ammunition, body armor as well as several other personal items.

Police learned that Gosha’s sister had arrived at the home during the investigation and stood outside the cars acting as a lookout while another person arrived on the scene and ransacked both cars.

Leskea Gosha, sister to Johnnie, was arrested while the suspect in the theft of the items from the police vehicle has yet to be located. Several items that had been stolen were dumped in a business trash along West 22nd Street, but the main items of ammunition, rifle and police gear had yet to be recovered.

The Anderson Police Department is asking anyone with information about the suspect to contact them immediately.

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