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ANDERSON, Ind. (Sept. 18, 2015) — Anderson police are trying to track down a stolen AR-15 assault rifle snatched from a police car while officers were raiding a house looking for drugs this week. After busting down the front door of a home on West 21st street, Anderson police say they found cocaine hidden in a cookie jar and heroin on a kitchen cabinet.

The drug raid came as no surprise to neighbors.

“They’ve been using drugs. We’ve seen them dealing drugs behind the garage and everything else. We figured they’d get busted sooner or later,” said neighbor Jim Dickinson.

Police arrested Johnnie Gosha and the mother of his child Leeza Sanders on drug charges.

After the raid, police returned to their cars parked on a nearby street and found two police cars had been broken into. An assault rifle, ammo, tactical body armor and more were missing.

“That is awful bold to be doing something like that,” said Dickinson.

Anderson police admit their police car had been left unlocked by mistake.

Officers on scene quickly arrested Johnnie Gosha’s sister Leseka for allegedly serving as a lookout.

“I think it’s straight bull,” said Leseka Gosha.

Leseka claims she came to the street after hearing about the raid, but had nothing to do with the theft.

“I didn’t have no part in it. I’m no thief,” said Leseka. “He put handcuffs of me for no reason. Theft? I don’t think so.”

Police were able to recover some of their stolen items behind a nearby barbershop, but the rifle remains missing.

Officers arrested a fourth man, Allen Wade, for allegedly driving the car used in the theft, but the identity of the man who actually stole the weapon remains a mystery.

“I think it’s incredibly brazen. The security of our equipment as a top priority to us,” said Anderson police Sgt. Chad Boynton.

Anderson police are asking anyone with information on the case or the stolen gun to contact their department.