Animal rescue group steps up to save two sick puppies facing euthanasia

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Two sick puppies hoping to get back on the road to recovery have been rescued after a plea by IACS.

Two Rottweiler mixes, who are just a few weeks old, were brought in to IACS Monday by an IMPD officer who found them abandoned. Two other puppies were also brought in, but had to be put down due to very low white blood cell levels.

After a hectic Tuesday at IACS, Helping PAWS, based out of Indianapolis, stepped up to the plate to take care of the dogs.

The puppies have tested negative for Parvo, but are showing symptoms related to the deadly disease. Parvo is a canine virus spread dog to dog by direct or indirect contact with their feces.

Helping PAWS told us Parvo has been on the rise in the area, but can be prevented.

“If people would vaccine their dogs, this would not happen at the levels we are seeing,” said employee Missy Patton. “With more Parvo puppies being abandoned lately, it seems owners are dumping them to avoid the high price of treatment.”

Vaccinations for Parvo cost around $50.

Without vaccinations, canine mortality rates are around 90% in untreated cases. Common symptoms include fever, bloody diarrhea, vomiting and lethargy.

“They are not doing well, someone needs to get them out as soon as possible,” said IACS Public Information Officer Kristen Lee told us before the dogs were rescued.

If the puppies did not get into extended care by Wednesday, they faced humane euthanasia. The shelter originally posted a Tuesday 6 p.m. deadline for humane euthanasia, but a foster parent stepped up. A little bit later, IACS announced that Helping PAWS vowed to rescue the puppies.

According to Helping PAWS, they will be treated Wednesday with hopes of getting the pups back to health. After that, they will hopefully go back into foster care and then into their permanent homes.

The rescue group has already taken in four puppies stricken with Parvo this year. Each dog has to have around $5,000-$7,000 worth of treatment to recover.

In addition to Parvo-related symptoms, these have gastrointestinal problems which could make treatment even more experience. Both dogs were originally looked at by IACS’ staff, but they did not have the capabilities to save the dogs.

Click here to donate towards the puppies’ recovery.

Because these cases happen more often than you think, IACS  are always looking to expand their rescue and foster parent networks.

If you’re an animal rescue shelter wanting to help future dogs needing medical attention, please email for more information.

To apply as a foster parent in Indianapolis, click here.

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