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Animal shelters are running out of space to house animals, leading to pets being placed in cages in the hallways and even the break room.

“It’s hard having them in the hallways because they are not nearly as quiet and don’t have as much privacy to hide if they’re scared,” said Roxie Randall, manager of community outreach at Indianapolis Animal Care Services.

Randall says Indianapolis Animal Care services took in 39 cats on Friday. 

 “Very quickly ran out of space,” Randall said.

Staff set up temporary crates in the hallways because the shelter is completely out of space. 

Colder temperatures and people returning to in-person work are contributing to the rise in animal intakes.

“In a year, we take in about 14,000 animals,” Randall said. “Having that many in our care, as you can see, causes us to have to set up those crates in the hallways.”

They’re not the only shelter reaching full capacity. The Humane Society for Hamilton County is completely full.  

“We have seen an increase in intakes,” said Megan Davis, senior communications manager for the Humane Society for Hamilton County. “Because we’re an open admission, truly no-kill shelter, what that means is we’re keeping animals here until they find a home.”

Davis and Randall are encouraging the community to consider adopting.

“You can really turn their lives around,” Randall said.

 If you can’t adopt, fostering or donations can make a big difference.   

 “You can always share our posts,” Randall said. “Sometimes it takes one person seeing the story or the picture of that animal and before you know it, they’re in their home. You can also volunteer or foster if you’re not able to adopt.”