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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Feb. 17, 2014)— State Senator Mike Delph, R-Carmel, held a news conference Monday morning at the Indiana Statehouse to address his controversial social media posts last week surrounding HJR-3.

Last Thursday, the lawmaker posted a string of controversial tweets and comments on his  Twitter feed regarding the debate about a gay marriage amendment to the Indiana constitution.

The Republican senator had proposed to restore original language to the gay marriage legislation, HJR-3, that would have included restrictions on civil unions and domestic partnerships. The measure failed to move forward in the senate Thursday and the bill became ineligible to be placed on the fall ballot.

Sen. Delph cited surveys on Twitter that show the majority of his constituents want to vote on the proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

He also called out several groups and specific Indiana churches for opposing HJR-3 or not doing enough to support it.

“I’m very frustrated with our faith based communities,” Delph told reporters on Monday. “I think they’ve sat on their hands on this because of the political heat… I make no apologies for my tweets, there were some tweets I put out there that were done in humor, and there were some that were more serious where I was trying to make a point.”

Delph also talked about his gay brother, saying: “I love my brother and I accept him as a human being but I don’t accept the lifestyle of homosexuality, I think it’s wrong.”

On those who disagreed with him on Twitter, he said: “When they talk about tolerance and acceptance, they want everybody to be tolerant and accepting of their leftist views but if a white Christian conservative steps up and shares his views you see a wrath of intolerance and I think I showed the world that.”

Delph also announced he would be voting against HJR-3 in its current form. Delph also blasted Senate leadership for not supporting HJR-3’s second sentence banning civil unions.

And when asked by a reporter if he’d been drinking or doing drugs when posting on Twitter over the weekend, he responded angrily: “What kind of question is that? That is just asinine, I’ve been drinking tea, I mean, are you trying to make news? That’s an offensive, asinine question.”

Sen. Delph also responded to specific Twitter users. When one asked when the last time was he’d had any real interaction with a gay person, the senator responded, “My brother Steve, my entire life.”

During his Monday press conference, Sen. Delph mentioned his brother, stating “I have never done anything to promote or encourage his gay lifestyle.”