Anonymous donor matching funds to save Indy live music venues


INDIANAPOLIS––Indiana Independent Venue Alliance (IIVA) has launched a matching campaign event to help keep local venue doors open in the wake of $30 million in COVID-related losses.

To help aid live music in Indiana, any donation made during the event will be matched by an anonymous donor up to $3,000. 

IIVA released the following statement:

Like many businesses and organizations across the U.S., member venues of the Indiana Independent Venue Alliance (IIVA) have been fighting to survive for nearly a year. According to internal reports from the IIVA, these venues have experienced more than $30 million in combined lost revenue as a result of the pandemic. 

Generosity and support from the community means everything to these venues right now. That in mind, an anonymous donor has offered to match donations to the IIVA up to $3,000, a potential to raise $6,000 for these venues striving day-by-day to keep their doors open.

The matching campaign event is running now through Sunday, Feb. 28, to donate visit

More about The Indiana Independent Venue Alliance (IIVA):

The Indiana Independent Venue Alliance (IIVA) is a 501(c)(3) arts organization that empowers and preserves Indiana’s live music community. IIVA is an alliance of Indiana-based independent concert venues, live music promoters and music festivals. As small business owners, the IIVA community plays a critical role in our state’s music and culture economy. These cultural hubs are centerpieces of our neighborhoods. As businesses they provide highly skilled jobs, contribute to the tax base and drive tourism dollars.  

IIVA businesses were among the first to be closed during the current pandemic and will be the last to open. The financial recovery process far exceeds opening the front doors, requiring solutions unique to this industry to keep our employees, fans and artists safe. The organization is relentlessly dedicated to protecting and supporting our community of independent statewide venues. 

The IIVA is an active member of NIVA, National Independent Venue Association.

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