Another cold night

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Central Indiana shivered early Wednesday morning as low temperatures dipped into the single digits.  Officially the low was 5° for the city of Indianapolis while outlying area were even colder.  Skies cleared late Tuesday night and along with a heavy snow pack the temperatures dove.  This was the coldest air since the -1° on February 10,2011.  The coldest reported temperature came in at Zionsville with a low there of -1°

Low This Morning


A band of clouds arrived by mid afternoon slowing the temperature rise Wednesday.  The high rebounded to 22° at 4:02PM.  This was the coldest afternoon since the high of 17° on February 9th, 2011.


Skies will be clear early tonight and will allow the temperatures to drop off into the single digits away from the city early in the night.  A few clouds will return toward sunrise bringing a stop to the drop and actually a slow rise on the thermometer toward daybreak. 


The northern branch of the Jet Stream will retreat in the next few days opening up the potential for a warm up.  Southwest winds will kick in Thursday as a weak system passes to our north.  Another system is due in Saturday night and Sunday with a chance of snow but the frigid air is retreating.  A flow from the Pacific Ocean will spread east by early next week promising for milder air but there is hitch.  Heavy snowpack will modify the warm up and possible create a low-level temperature inversion.  The expansive snow field will lock colder air at the surface while a mile up the air is warming well above freezing.  This temperature inversion is likely to develop Tuesday and Wednesday next week.  It will be a set up that often brings fog, damp conditions and possibly freezing drizzle in the morning.  Stay tuned.

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