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INDIANAPOLIS — A troubled north side apartment complex caught fire yet again Wednesday afternoon.

The Indianapolis Fire Department responded to a fire at the Lakeside Pointe at Nora Apartments just before 4 p.m. No injuries were reported and it was under control in 25 minutes, IFD said.

According to IFD, 5 adults and 3 children were displaced after a cooking fire on the stove got out of control. It’s not clear, the department said, whether the food was left unattended.

In total, 6 units in the building were affected, including 3 that were occupied, IFD confirmed. The department said its victims assistance unit is working with apartment management to coordinate shelter for the displaced residents.

It was on November 20th, firefighters responded to the last fire there. IFD says since January 1st, it has responded around 20 times to the complex for working fires – that includes building, trash and vehicle fires.

IFD has responded more than 55 times to the complex on EMS runs since the beginning of the year.

Resident Lora Driscoll, who has lived in the apartment complex for about a year and a half told FOX59 she’s afraid of herself or her neighbors losing their life in a fire at the complex.

“It doesn’t matter how big or small — a fire can go up just like that and it can take somebody’s life in an instant,” said Driscoll.

She hopes she will have the opportunity to find herself a new place to call home soon, but said in the meantime, she wants to continue to be a voice for everyone facing the same concerns.

“I want to make sure that somebody here has a safe home to live in, that they don’t worry about losing valuables or a life. I want people to be happy. I want people to walk out and look in their community and see the beautiful colors that are here, the light that is here. There’s so much sadness,” said Driscoll.

In July, the Indiana Attorney General’s Office filed a lawsuit against Aloft Mgt, LLC, the property manager of Lakeside Pointe at Nora apartments, and Fox Lake AHF, Inc., a nonprofit that owns the apartments, for allowing the apartments to “fall into egregious disrepair, endangering the health and welfare of thousands of residents.”

The lawsuit said neglect and mismanagement had led to fires, a lack of heat and air conditioning, water damage, mold, broken windows and other problems.

“You’re living in danger every day. You call to get help and you think you’re calling the right people and everything’s still falling on deaf ears,” said Driscoll.

In a preliminary order on Sep. 1, Marion Superior Court Judge Patrick J. Dietrick delivered a major setback for residents as he denied the request to appoint a receiver, and instead, ordered the bank and property owner to mediation within 120 days and temporarily suspended the court proceedings on the matter.

Driscoll said she is begging anyone to hear her call for help — especially the judge in this case.

“Please, somebody come help us. Somebody, anybody, it doesn’t matter, but we need help in here, not only for the fires, but the way we have to live is causing a lot of other problems and nobody’s safe in here. Nobody and that’s sad.”

In a filing on Oct. 22, a judge issued another order, appointing a mediator and ordering all parties to submit to and complete mediation within the next 30 days.

“Given the unprecedented events surrounding the Covid 19 pandemic and the effect of the
same on the parties and the industries from which they come, the court continues to be convinced
that a potential negotiated resolution is in the best interests of all involved,” court documents read.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, Fox Lake had received more than 600 Notices of Violation from the Marion County Public Health Department since 2017 and owed more than $100,000 in court costs and fines as of July.

FOX59 has reached out to Aloft Mgt, LLC for a statement regarding residents’ concerns and the recent fire at the apartment complex. We will update this article if we receive a response.

IMPD also responded to the apartment complex on Wednesday for an investigation into a shooting. The two incidents are not connected, the department confirmed.

According to IMPD, officers responded to report of a walk-in shooting victim at Eskenazi Hospital. Police said the victim was reportedly in stable condition. According to IMPD, the incident occurred in the 700 block of Lake Nora Ct., also at the Lakeside Pointe at Nora apartments.