Ant invasion officially underway

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The ant invasion is underway.

Troy McIntyre usually isn’t this busy this early in the season.  Troy is with AAA Exterminating and he said the ant war has already begun.

“I’m doing seven or eight jobs a day right now just for ants and we’re probably getting 30 to 40 calls a day,” said Troy.

The ants are following the plumbing lines and moving into homes or making their way up air vents through the foundation.

“I guess they are searching for food right now because it has been so moist outside,” Troy said.

And with so many calls so early, he says this could be a brutal season ahead for homeowners.

“I think it could be pretty bad,” Troy said.

Troy says we need at least three weeks of a hard freeze to cut down the ant population and that didn’t happen this year.

“Because we had 45 and 50 degree days that moved in that pattern, the ground doesn’t freeze long enough,” said Troy.

Troy spent Thursday spraying and placing the bait.  But, you know it’s going to be a rough season when you hear whose house he was treating.

“I was actually treating my father’s house today,” Troy said.

Yes, his father’s house. His father is also one of the owners of AAA Exterminating.

“My wife called and said we’ve got ants in the bathroom and I said, ‘Uhh ohh, here we go,’” Scott McIntyre said.  “Any home can get ants.  You think gawd, a guy owns the pest control company and gets ants? Sure!”

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