INDIANAPOLIS — Multiple units had to be evacuated after a fire at a southeast side apartment Friday morning.

The fire started in a third floor unit at the Overlook at Valley Ridge Apartments on Valley Ridge Drive off of E. Southport Road around 7:15 a.m.

“It looked like it was coming from the apartment above us,” said Robin Black, who lives in an apartment on the floor below. “They had — it looked like they maybe had a candle dripping.”

“I was walking to the bus stop, and I looked out and I looked to my balcony and I saw like these sparks coming down hitting it,” said Mekhi Black. “I had no clue that a fire was coming ’cause there was just like sparks going.”

Officials believe the fire started on the balcony and spread.

Ten people (five adults and five children) were displaced due to the fire, including Black and her two children. The apartment management opened its clubhouse early to give displaced residents a place to get out of the cold.

No one was hurt. Three units were damaged in total. Only one was damaged due to the fire, the other two were damaged by water and smoke.