Arkansas school district will switch to 4-day school weeks


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BOONE COUNTY, Ark. – A school district in Arkansas recently approved for their students to attend class just four days a week, KSPR reports.

Ozark Mountain School District is dropping Mondays from the schedule. They say it will benefit students and parents.

The district says they chose to take Mondays off because it is easier to schedule appointments that day, and there are usually sporting events on the other days.

They hope the three-day weekends will attract more families to stay in the district.

“The last two years the district has lost 40 students. And so we started looking at ways to stop that trend,” Superintendent Kerry Saylors told KSPR.

In exchange for the four-day school week, classes will be longer to make up for time.

Officials are currently working to figure out daycare issues for parents on Mondays.

KSPR reports the new schedule will start next school year.

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