BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — An attempted home invasion in Bloomington ended with a resident shooting at a man trying to enter his home, court documents revealed.

Bloomington officers were called to a home on Brandon Court shortly before 4 p.m. Sunday. The 43-year-old resident told police a man tried to open the front door to his apartment.

The man told police he was sitting in a recliner with his 4-year-old daughter on his lap when he heard someone turn the door’s handle and attempt to push the door open twice. A teenage son and the man’s wife were also in the apartment.

When he opened the door, he said he saw a man he had never met or seen before. The man was later identified by police as Anthony Lady, 28.

The man says Lady asked him for a cigarette, but he told him no and to leave his property.

Anthony Lady booking photo

Once he went back inside, the man told police he was concerned for his family’s safety so he retrieved his handgun and looked outside the window to see Lady still on his front porch.

According to court documents, the man went outside again and told Lady to leave several times. The man told police Lady only stood there and told him to “mind his own business.”

The resident said he fired one shot into the ground, at which point Lady began walking towards him with his hands up. The man then fired a shot at Lady, prompting him to leave.

Police found a man matching Lady’s description in a wooded area near S. Henderson Street.

Another witness in a nearby apartment said they saw a man matching Lady’s description knock on the doors of two other apartments and look into their windows.

Lady told police he did not know who lived in the apartment when he asked for a cigarette, and it was “not normal” for him to do such a thing.

When questioned about whether he tried to force the door open, Lady told police he may have hit or tripped into the door handle. He would not admit to investigators what his intent was in trying to enter the residence.

Lady was arrested on a count of attempted residential entry.

Lady’s public criminal records shows he was arrested nearly 20 times since March of 2020. Ten of these arrests were for criminal trespass charges.