Discovery Channel show to unveil more artifacts found at John Dillinger’s childhood home


MOORESVILLE, Ind. — A show next week on the Discovery Channel is expected to unveil new artifacts found on the property of John Dillinger’s childhood home.

“It’s amazing 87 years later that we are actually finding something,” says Dillinger’s nephew Mike Thompson.

The find comes just a few years after another investigative teams stumbled upon a map that continues to draw questions. It was discovered on the property in a glass jar buried under a root. It is a 1934 Shell gas station map. It is marked with lines, locations, and dates. Some those dates come after his death. Shane Williams, a Mooresville town council member, owns the surrounding property, and grew up inside the home.

“The map is datable, and has the year 1934 on it. They could be train routes, potential train robberies, lots of money was shipped on trains back then,” believes Williams, “He was last known to be at the farm in April of 1934. We think that’s possibly when he left this.”

Researchers are still authenticating the validity of the map. Thompson currently holds Dillinger’s address book, and he says it may bring some clues.

“We got to looking at the address book, and there’s a lot of places that’s on that map in that address book,” says Thompson.

Word of the map reached the show runners of Expedition Unknown. They asked the property owner if they could look around more with penetration radars and metal detectors. Non-disclosure agreements are keeping the new artifact find hush right now, however Thompson and Williams can say their metal detectors did not pick up the artifact, however penetration radars did.

“I thought my goodness, I’ve driven by this with my mower this so many times,” laughs Williams.

“Now it’s kind of like check every spot that shows something,” jokes Thompson.

The show is expected to air their episode this Wednesday.

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