Attorney General suing home service provider over over-charging

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After complaints against home service provider Mister Quik, the Attorney General’s Office has filed suit, claiming the company over-charged and mislead their customers.

Earl Hurst feels cheated.

“I am big on forgiveness, but this is one thing that has been a gut in my crawl for a long time,” said customer Earl Hurst.

Hurst called Mister Quik to take care of his wiring.

“This is our most prized possession, our house, and we did not want anything to happen to it,” said Hurst.  “We thought, ‘oh wow, he can fix it right away, whoopee,’ then later on we were fixed.”

Hurst said sales people scared him into overpaying for something he did not need in the first place.

“This place could really burn down any second?  ‘Oh yeah,’ he said.  ‘You are just lucky it is not burning now,'” said Hurst.

Earl said he usually gets more than one estimate before signing off on thousands of dollars worth of repair work, but he felt the pressure to act fast.

“We were scared to death,” said Hurst.  “I said, ‘well, could you do it today?’ He said, ‘oh yeah, I have got the stuff in the truck.  I can do it right away.’  So we had a sense of relief.”

Hurst said he was told his “house could burn down.” Another victim said he was told by a Mister Quik rep his electrical breaker could “cause a fire.”  Earl Hurst paid Mister Quik’s nearly $3,000 bill.

Joe LePage: “Trusting the professionals.”
Earl Hurst: “Yep, yep, yeah.”

When Hurst realized what happened, he filed a complaint with the Attorney General.

“When consumers had an opportunity to step back and reevaluate the situation they learned they were charged two or three times more than the rate for the repair,” said Deputy Director of Consumer Protection Terry Tolliver.

Based on a number of complaints, against Mister Quik, the Attorney General’s office is suing the home service provider.

“We hope Mister Quik will look at this and reform its business practices, comply with the law, and take care of consumers,” said Tolliver.

Earl hopes Mister Quik learns its lesson.  Hurst said from now on, he’ll get at least a second opinion, no matter what.

“This has been a learning experience in the worst way,” said Hurst.

If you feel like you have been taken advantage of by a business and want your complaint heard by the Office of the Attorney General go to to submit your complaint.

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