Authorities arrest man suspected of dealing heroin to young adults in Hendricks County


Aaron Dumas

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 3, 2015) — A suspected heroin dealer was arrested late Thursday night at his Indianapolis home.

IMPD SWAT, Drug Enforcement Administration agents along with members of the Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department and the United Drug Task Force assisted in the investigation.

Authorities searched the home of Aaron Dumas, 4300 block of Bar Harbor Court for several hours.

Aaron Dumas
Aaron Dumas

Sources say Dumas has been selling heroin and other narcotics to young adults in Hendricks County.He has several prior drug related convictions.

The investigation started from a lead received by the  Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department and the Avon Police Department. Sources say the lead indicated that Dumas was allegedly mixing fentanyl with heroin.The combination has been linked to several overdose deaths across the country.

“It certainly increases the effectiveness of these drugs,​ but its also  killing a lot of people,” said Sheriff Clark.

Sheriff Clark says the heroin epidemic that has hit many Central Indiana counties has also found its way into Hendricks County.

“From the information gathered by our investigators, the people buying from this individual were younger people. We see a lot of 18-20 years old who are unfortunately using heroin,”said Sheriff Brett Clark, Hendricks County.

Sheriff Clark says he is noticing a trend of drugs coming from Indianapolis.

“People are driving into Indianapolis and surrounding areas and  cities to get this product and bringing back out here,” said Sheriff Clark.

Once authorities  entered the home, Dumas allegedly tried running away, but he was detained a short time later.


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