JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. – Authorities are searching for 45-year-old John Bragg II in connection to a case crossing state lines. Bragg is facing theft and fraud charges in Indiana and in Florida.

Investigators say Bragg ran a car restoration shop in Whiteland and scammed customers out of thousands of dollars.

“People may have paid tens of thousands of dollars, and they may just have a shell of a car still,” said Dan Rosenberg, director coordinator of Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana.

Bragg operated JB Bugs Trick Truck N Rod of Indy.  Court documents show he took customers’ money and didn’t do the work he had agreed to.

“It’s a criminal issue. We talk a lot about the guy that comes out and wants to pave your driveway or paint your house. This is kind of the same thing but the number of people is just astronomical,” said Rosenberg.

Dan Rosenberg with Crime Stoppers of central Indiana says detectives believe there could be up to 100 victims.

“We need to get this guy behind bars,” said Rosenberg.

“As things kind of go along, people are looking for results, they want to know where their car is. They want what is going on. Then one day the shop just closed. There’s a notice on the door, and that’s it,” said Rosenberg.

Court records show several customers filed complaints even asking Bragg to send updates and pictures of the progress on the cars he was supposedly working on. Communication eventually stopped and investigators say Bragg was gone, and customers were out a lot of money.

“There’s enough money there probably where we are talking about kids’ educations or savings. Some people may have done this as an investment. There’s a lot there,” said Rosenberg.

There are warrants out for Bragg in Indiana and in Florida.  Investigators say other states could be added to the list.

If you know anything about Bragg’s whereabouts, call Crime Stopper at 317-262-TIPS.