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ZIONSVILLE, IND- In a special report, FOX59 found labor experts estimate automation will have an impact on more than 310,000 Hoosiers in Central Indiana.

Local economic experts and some Hoosier employees we spoke with are embracing automation because they say it’s not going anywhere.

Industry leaders stress that everyone needs to learn to work with this technology. One Hoosier is already leading that charge with his own automation company.

QPoint Robotic Solutions works nationwide to integrate automation into workplaces.

In Lebanon, Indiana, the company works with a software manufacturing company to add robots onto the staff. Those robots use a tool to trace parts, drawn by people, and then complete 3D molding.

QPoint’s Co-founder tells FOX59 that modern technology is offering new opportunities for employees and better products for companies.

“They’re looking for more efficiency, more productivity, this offers them that,” said Mark Battisti, a Hoosier native. “It’s not okay to say work faster, work harder! You need to have a real solution to meet more demand and a lot of times the automation eliminates some of that stuff that isn’t as fun to do.”

Battisti says through his tech, automation thrives with Hoosier collaboration.

QPoint plans to expand its services across the state and nation.