Avon Community School Corporation investigating social media account bullying students


AVON -Avon Middle School North students have become the target of cyberbullying. 

Parents are concerned it could lead to their child harming themselves. 

Avon Community School Corporation launched an investigation and police have identified the juvenile account holder claiming responsibility.

Wesley Scott knows first-hand how cyberbullying can have severe consequences. 

Scott’s son Hudson was 14 when he took his own life.

He says Hudson fell into a deep depression after constantly being bullied by his peers.

“He felt this was a world he didn’t want to be a part of anymore. The constant hate and judgment passed on by others,” Scott explained.

Multiple students at Avon Middle School North are now dealing with cyberbullying.

Parents say a social media account is posting photos of students with disparaging comments and rumors.

“Kids don’t always have the knowledge or the actions they need to take. They may be feeling really alone and isolated in these situations,” Clinical Social Worker Jennie Voelker said.

Voelker is a Clinical Social Worker at Community Health Network.

She says cyberbullying is more common than people realize and points out there are things parents can watch for.

“Parents are the experts on their children. They know when their behavior changes or mood is different so that’s when you can seek our professional support,” Voelker said

Voelker stresses it’s important for parents to step in and have conversations.

“Really taking the time to listen to their child’s experience, to their feedback. This isn’t a conversation to have in a busy public place. This is a conversation to have in private and to have the time to really listen to what’s going on with your child,” Voelker said.

The school district encourages parents to report any account being used to bully their child.

For helpful resources on cyberbullying and talking with your child, click here.

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