Avon families, teachers share mixed feelings on schools reopening Wednesday


Avon Community Schools reopen Wednesday for in-person classes. Like many other districts across the state, Avon Community Schools gave families the option of in-person classes for their students or online learning.

Jaclyn Moore is looking forward to school resuming and feels confident Avon Community Schools have safely prepared.

“I’m really excited,” Moore said. “I think the kids are really excited. They’re really ready to go back.”

Moore has three children in the district. She is happy they will wear masks and use hand sanitizer during the school day.

“I chose the in-person because I really trust Avon schools,” Moore said.

Some parents, specifically those with high school-aged children, reluctantly chose to send their students to class.

“It was a very, very difficult choice,” Tim Whitsell said. “We did the e-learning as you know at the end of last year which was done through the school. We thought it was done mostly okay, especially considering everyone was learning. But we actually for our e-learning, it’s not being done through the Avon schools. For us to do e-learning, they’re being told they have to enroll in Indiana Online. If we do that, we cannot make the choice to come back to Avon schools until next semester not at the nine weeks.”

The way e-learning is structured for online learning for elementary and middle school students is Avon teachers will be assigned to each grade level- proportional to the amount of students who chose online learning. For high schoolers and 8th graders taking high school classes, they will engage in Indiana Online courses, along with some courses taught by Avon teachers and others through the Edmentum platform.

“For a junior, it would be really difficult so he would have to do the entire junior year, if not junior and senior year in Indiana online,” Whitsell said regarding his 16-year-old son.

Whitsell’s wife is a teacher in the area. They are concerned for her health too.

“She actually is at risk from having a stroke two years ago,” Whitsell said. “We have a 93-year-old father with heart failure who lives with us and is in Hospice. So, they’re both in extreme risk.”

As for students, the district is giving them until August 7th to make their decisions of whether to stick with e-learning or in-person classes for the semester or quarter, depending on their ages.

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