Avon woman finds $100 gift in the mail from strangers

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AVON, Ind. – “There it goes!” exclaimed mother Megan Augsburger, as she was watching her 1-year-old play with his toy car.

As a stay-at-home mother, Augsburger has a lot on her plate. With the toddler and two other kids, money is tight. Tuesday also got off to a rough start.

“Stuff with our bank account wasn’t going right,” Augsburger said. “Then having to get help from a family member just to make sure we got what we needed to cover.”

With spring break around the corner, Augsburger and her husband wanted to do something fun for their kids. Unfortunately with bills to pay, that was going to be a challenge. That is until Augsburger walked out to her mailbox.

In it, she found an envelope with no return label. The letter and was simply addressed to “The family” at their address. Inside was a heartfelt note written by a Pittsboro couple who only left their initials – along with $100 in cash.

“I started reading the letter and basically started crying,” Augbsurger said.

The letter went on to tell the story of a young couple who received cash in the mail from a stranger. They used that money to go on a date, and now 28 years later, they wanted to pass it forward.

“It helped out so much,” Augsburger said. “From the bottom of my heart it just… honestly it made me cry.”

Thanks to this unexpected gift, Augsburger and her husband can plan a fun night out as a family, having faith that people like B+D in Pittsboro exist.

“It makes everything so much better to know that there’s that kind of people out there who don’t want recognition, who don’t want anything in return, just to do something really nice for somebody else,” Augbsurger said.

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