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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind (Aug. 27, 2015)– An Indianapolis couple was violated in their own home after someone hacked into their baby monitoring system. The Denmans use a video baby monitoring system to keep an eye on their daughter while she is asleep.

“Our privacy was just invaded,” said Jared Denman.

Wednesday, the Denman’s two-year-old daughter was playing at home with her mother when all of the sudden music started coming from the baby monitor.

“Someone was playing ‘Every Breath You Take’ by The Police,” said Denman.

At first, mom thought it was a joke, however, she quickly realized someone hacked into the camera.

“He started doing sexual noises on the camera,” said Denman

Denman searched online to see if any other families have been through a similar situation. He discovered that the person who most likely violated his privacy has done it before. There are several videos posted online showing similar hacks with the same song playing over the speakers. The likely culprit also has a Twitter account he uses to brag about the breaches.

“It agitated me a lot because who is to know if those people are even aware that the videos have been posted online.  We kind of felt violated and we didn’t feel secure in our own home,” said Denman.

David Szpunar is the VP of technical services at PC Help Services. His advice is to make it challenging for hackers to infiltrate your home internet network.

“It tends to be quite easy, especially when there is a hole found in a particular device and somebody publishes some method online,” said Szpunar.

The Denmans forgot to change the factory pre-set  username and password that came on the camera. As a result, the hacker was able to access the camera with relative ease.

“You can make sure you have a strong wireless network password in case someone is nearby and wants to bypass your firewall completely,” said Szpunar.

“The biggest advice I have for other parents is to change the username and password,” said Denman.