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MUNCIE, Ind. — Dozens of Ball state students walked out of class Tuesday, protesting an incident where a professor called campus police to remove a student.

Sultan Benson says someone was sitting in his assigned seat, so he proceeded to take a seat in the back, plug-in his computer and opened his notes. Halfway through the hour and 15 minutes class, things took a turn.

The professor responded with giving Benson the option to either move or he would call the police.

Ball state’s president called the professor’s actions an error in judgment and an overreaction.   Benson has been moved to another class.

Benson declined to move since his computer he was using for the class was connected to an electrical outlet.

Professor Borna then called the police. In the video, once they arrive you can see other students with their laptops out and students saying, ‘he didn’t do anything.’

Note: video contains explicit language, viewer discretion is advised

Instead of being escorted by police, Benson decided to walk out to avoid confrontation. He says officers encouraged him to file a complaint.

The Associated Press reports that Ball State is implementing a corrective plan including appropriate training and oversight for Borna. The university will also ensure that all faculty undergo training. The Black Faculty and Staff Association will meet with Mearns to advise him on how to create a more inclusive campus community.

Benson said he will accept Mearns’ invitation to meet with him, but he remains dissatisfied with the university’s response.

Benson says he appreciates the support that he received from the community.