Beech Grove family wakes up to find intruder inside their home

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BEECH GROVE, Ind. — A family woke up and found an intruder inside their home. A young mother saw the stranger just feet away from her.

“Obviously alarmed, upset and shocked a little bit,” said Robert Mercuri, Captain with the Beech Grove Police Department.

Early Sunday morning, Beech Grove police responded to a home near 6th and Byland. The mother told detectives she saw a man walking past her doorway, going towards the bedroom where her 1 and 2-year-old daughters were. She yelled to her boyfriend, and that was enough to scare away the intruder.

“We have no reason to believe that this individual was in there for any connection to this family whatsoever,” said Mercuri.

Homeowners who live nearby heard about the break-in and now they’re watching out.

“I have four teenagers and a 1-year old grandson that live here, so it makes me really nervous,” said Trisha Key, a neighbor.

The boyfriend told officers he grabbed his gun when he realized someone was in their home. Police want intruders to realize the risk they’re taking when breaking and entering.

“Let’s be honest, people are armed. This could end very badly. It could end very badly for the suspect entering this residence. It could end very badly for everyone,” said Mercuri.

During Memorial Day weekend, Beech Grove Police were called to a nearby home.  The homeowner thought someone was trying to pull off the screen from a back window.  No police report was taken. It’s still unclear if that previous case and this recent home invasion are connected.

“Think of the people you’re impacting first and foremost, think of the damage that you’re causing them and their family,” said Captain Mercuri.

Beech Grove police are stepping up patrols in the neighborhood and they’re working on getting a sketch made of the intruder.

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