Beech Grove Mayor declares Walmart a public nuisance after police chase with shoplifter

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BEECH GROVE, Ind. (Aug. 13, 2015) – Two men are now at the center of the latest issues at the Beech Grove Walmart. Police say 42-year-old Gillace Monroe Samples and 42-year-old Johnny Maxey attempted to steal from the Beech Grove Walmart Thursday.

They were stopped inside the store. During questioning, Samples pulled out a handgun and then ran from officers. According to witnesses, he sprinted across the Walmart parking lot and entered the nearby Egg Roll No. 1 restaurant through the back door.

That is when police say Samples, who is wanted on two outstanding warrants locked himself in the bathroom and shot himself in the head.

“You do not know what is going to happen when you go in there,” says Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley.

The Beech Grove Walmart already has a bad reputation after the infamous video of two women fighting in the shampoo aisle went viral. The Beech Grove Mayor declared the Walmart Supercenter a public nuisance.

“There is a 10-day grace period. Then after that, we will issue them a ticket every time we go down to the Walmart for being a nuisance. The intent is to discourage the behavior,” says Buckley.

Walmart has increased security at their Supercenter and says they are doing everything that they can to work with the city and police to stop crimes from happening on their property.

“When there is behavior that we do not find acceptable happening inside of the Walmart, such as an attempted shop lifting, we detect that behavior and we act on it. That is what happened Thursday,” says Walmart spokesman Brian Nick.

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