Beech Grove teens confess and clean their graffiti crime spree

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BEECH GROVE, Ind. – Several Beech Grove teens have admitted they made a mistake and they are working to make it right.

Last week, neighbors and business owners woke up to find garages, cars and buildings covered in graffiti. One of the places vandalized was The Crossing, an alternative school on Main Street.

“My first reaction was disappointment, for sure. I didn’t know who did it? There were some words on the building that it was disappointing that anyone would write those,” said Nathaniel Kelly with The Crossing.

Just days after the vandalism, a few students at The Crossing came to their instructors and took the blame for the damage.

“They are hurt by what they did and ashamed,” Latoya Hill, with The Crossing.

Coming clean was the start. Cleaning up was the consequence.

“I thought I was a done deal and for them to come back a few days later and come and fix it, big surprise,” said Jeff Cash, owner of Beech Grove Groomers.

Both walls of the breezeway outside of Beech Grove Groomers were covered in graffiti. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time spray paint has been used as a weapon on these walls, but this is the first time the owners at Beech Grove Groomers have heard from the culprits.

“I think that’s boys becoming young men and doing what they’re supposed to do and learning from their mistakes. They did a good job on the repairs,” said Jeff Cash.

The Crossing instructors tell us one business wanted to do the painting themselves so the students paid for the paint.  Also some graffiti on a garage was removed during their cleaning spree Thursday.  Instructors are working with police to figure out what other property still needs to be added to the list.

“They truly were kids that made a mistake and they were able to make it right,” said Hill.

If the cleaning didn’t clear it up enough, one teen even wrote an apology letter.  In part it says, “I can assure you it will never happen again. Thank you to all the people and businesses for being so kind and allowing me to make it right.”

One business told FOX59, they were very proud and impressed by the teens��� actions. There is some other painting that needs to be done around the shop and they’re thinking of hiring the teens for the job.

“I think they made things right. I just hope and pray that they continue on the right road instead of the wrong one,” said Sondra Cash, owner of Beech Grove Groomers.

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