Beech Grove youth football coach arrested for allegedly punching referee in face

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BEECH GROVE, Ind. – A youth football coach in Beech Grove has been arrested after police say a he hit a referee in the face multiple times during a game Saturday.

Police were called to the fight in the 1200 block of Main Street around 5:14 p.m. When they arrived, they spoke with the coach, James Gann, 37, the referee and multiple witnesses.

Gann told police that his son had gotten hurt during a play, so he went out to the field to check on him.

The referee told police that he had gotten to the boy first and when Gann approached them, he “butted” him out of the way. An argument ensued which led to the referee ejecting Gann from the game. That’s when Gann allegedly hit the referee in the face three to four times with a closed fist, knocking him to the ground, stated court documents.

“There is absolutely no excuse for a human being to hit another human being under any circumstance, especially at a Pee Wee football game, that is ridiculous,”  said Dennis Buckley, mayor of Beech Grove.

The youth football players were no older than 3rd grade.

“(They’re) more worried about having friends, having fun and running to the concession stand after the football game is over and they sit there and watch their coach pummel somebody on the field. Terrible,” said Mayor Buckley.

Gann was taken into custody and charged with battery with injury.

Gann didn’t answer FOX59’s phone calls and he wasn’t home home when our crews drove by.

Last year, there was a viral video of two women brawling  in the aisle of the Beech Grove Wal-Mart.  Last month, video was captured of two teenage girls fighting in a front yard of a Beech Grove home, while a mom encouraged it.

“Here we go again, seems to be the common denominator here, I have no tolerance for it,” explains Mayor Buckley.

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