Behind the Scenes: What would happen if FOX59 shut down?

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What would happen if local businesses had to go through a similar shutdown? FOX59 is giving you a behind the scenes look at what would happen at our studios.

Some functions would completely go away. The front desk would likely be unmanned with no one there to answer the phones.

In the newsroom, the online team would also likely be gone. The Facebook and Twitter accounts would have a, ‘We’re sorry. This account will not be actively managed during the shutdown’.

Not everything gets shut down, though. Remember we`re talking about a partial shutdown. Just as the FAA has to keep the control towers manned, we’d have to keep someone to man the controls.

Going back to the studio, we`re going to keep the lights on.  In Washington non-essential employees are getting furloughed but if anyone at FOX59 is essential, it’s Brian Wilkes. Even in our simulated shutdown, The weather authority team are still here keeping you safe, protecting your family from any storms on the horizon.

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