Ben Davis student arrested after handgun found in backpack

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.— A Ben Davis High School student was arrested after school officials found a handgun in the student’s backpack Wednesday morning.

MSD of Wayne Township officials said two students were involved in a loud argument in the school’s hallway around 9 a.m. School personnel responded immediately and the students were separated by a teacher.

During the argument, one student made a remark that led others to believe he had a gun with him.

While investigating the incident, school officials recovered a handgun from a backpack of one of the students.

Officials had seen on security camera the student hand his bag to a different student, and then the bag was found in a different classroom. They found and secured the gun while searching the bag.

Both students involved in the initial argument were removed from the school. The student with the handgun was arrested and recommended for expulsion. The student who took the backpack that contained the gun to another room is being questioned.

The arrested student is an 18-year-old male.

Wayne Township Schools has provided the following statement to FOX59:

“It has been discussed…but the logistics of using them and getting 4,000 students into the ninth grade center and high school each day safely and efficiently makes it extremely impractical. We continue to feel that creating an atmosphere that encourages our students to come to the adults in the school with their safety concerns is our most effective approach to student safety and security.”

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