Better Business Bureau warns against sharing senior photos, participating in quizzes on social media


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It started as a nice tribute to seniors who are missing traditional send-offs in high school, due to coronavirus.

People began sharing their senior pictures with years and schools on social media.

Scammers can use that info to answer common online security questions, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

With that information, the BBB says scammers can find more information about you.

“They might be able to get in on passwords, other information to hack into accounts. They can also do that to personalize a scam so it sounds like they really know about you and saying something about you,” Tim Maniscalo, President and CEO of Indiana’s BBB, said.  “They can also steal a friend’s Facebook account and make it look like a friend is asking you for something or trying to tell you something.”

Maniscalo said the photo by itself isn’t a big deal, but when accompanied by the school and graduation year, scammers can piece together a profile.

“Scammers are very skillful at taking little bits of information from different sources,” he explained. “They can do all sorts of bad things with that.”

BBB also warns against taking Facebook quizzes, as they can mine your answers for data about you.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) cautions everyone to be aware of what they are sharing. Even if you think it’s just going to your friends, it could also be going somewhere else.

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