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FOUNTAINTOWN, Ind. — An IMPD officer and his family will have to rebuild from the ground up after their house caught on fire, days before Christmas.

But even though Officer Michael Price’s family lost everything — days later, he found something special they were able to save.

“When we got here both sides were still up, but they were engulfed. The middle was already gone,” said Price while touring the destruction.

Bright Christmas lights that were once hung are now part of the pile of burnt belongings

Just two days before Christmas, Michael Price, his son and girlfriend were at a Pacers game when they got the call that their home in Fountaintown was on fire.

“It was tough.”

Price is used to being called to emergencies and being that one that helps. He’s been an IMPD officer for 14 years.

“Unfortunately, it was way too gone at that point. You literally just watch everybody do their job, and you sit back as the victim this time,” remarked Price.

His duty belt, gun, and handcuffs — all gone.

This family lost everything and since the day of the fire, friends, neighbors, and even strangers are doing what they can to help.

No one was home at the time but the family’s dog Gus didn’t survive.

“You think you want to run in and save what you can. Pets, we had a pet in there,” said Price.

As Officer Price was looking for anything salvageable, He says he opened the nighstand drawer and found a Bible that’s been in the family for decades. It was untouched by the fire.

“There’s not even a mark on the pages.”

A sign of hope for this humbled officer is how his community is showing they’re here and they care.

“When something hits you at home, and then the response we’ve gotten that really just hang on it’s not exactly how you’ve been seeing it. There’s plenty of people out there that really have your back.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Price and his family have insurance and are staying with family in the meantime.

A fund for officer Price has been set up through the Professional Police Officers Credit Union. Funds can be sent to 1502 E. Washington St., Indianapolis IN 46201, attention Michael Price.