Big events in downtown Indianapolis mean big business

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (May 3, 2014) — Downtown business is booming, thanks to a weekend full of events.

Between the Pacers winning the game Saturday evening, the mini-marathon Saturday morning and the National Rifle Association convention last weekend, business are liking the profits. Cash registers are full, and the wait staff’s tip money is piled high. You won’t find anyone complaining about that, after all, it means Hoosiers and visitors are boosting the economy.

It was next to impossible to find a place to stand at the bars and restaurants along Pennsylvania St. in downtown. And the ones where you could, you were rubbing elbows with fellow Pacers fans. Each one spending money, putting a smile on Keith Reilly.

“I’m the owner of O’Reilly’s Irish Bar downtown, right across from where the Pacers play,” Reilly said. “We are in a phenominal spot, and the Pacers have been awesome for us all year.”

He’s hoping all of the excitement of the blue and gold will mean a lot of green.

“Lot of Pacers fans coming through, they’ve been phenominal all year, and I think we’re gonna keep going,” Reilly said.

The big day of business started Saturday morning with the Mini Marathon, which went through downtown. The sea of runners in wearing all sorts of colors were spending money. Who could forget last weekend, and the more than 70,000 members of the National Rifle Association. They were here for their annual conference, reserving hotel rooms and eating out. It’s been a good time for many businesses, and Pacers fans are keeping that momentum going.

IMPD officers have been out protecting you.

“What I’m looking for are ticket scalpers that have valid licenses to buy and sell tickets, and there’s other regulations about where they can and can’t sell tickets. they can’t obstruct the sidewalk,” said Lt. Bart McAtee.

He ticketed a guy for not doing things the right way.

“Ticket brokers license is really simple. It has an expiration date on the front, and ya know, he tried to disguise it by putting a sticker over the plastic cover, but, it’s not that difficult to see that it expired in 2012,” Lt. McAtee said.

For Pacers games and other events, ask for a valid license. Police officers say you have the right to inspect tickets, and take down the information on the ticket broker’s license. But, if you’re not sure, buy from an actual ticket office.

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