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INDIANAPOLIS – A new exhibit is showcasing the 18 local artists who painted the Black Lives Matter mural on Indiana Avenue.

The Indianapolis Art Center’s exhibition features paintings, chalk work and digital design by the artists. Mark Jeffers, a consultant representing the artists, says most of them didn’t know each other before working on the mural. He says they are eager to put a spotlight on them individually through the exhibition.

“I just want them to come in and see not only the artists as a group, but also individually outside of the mural, but also to really continue the conversation and really expand on what does Black Lives Matter mean, what are these artists facing as artists, as people of color, just to be able to come in and really experience some of their struggle,” Colton Pedro, Director of Education, Outreach & Exhibitions at the Indianapolis Art Center said.

One of the featured artists says it is a huge milestone for him to have his work in a gallery instead of doing pop-up shops.

“I hope these can trigger a lot of conversations in households and maybe can make a change for certain families, or just certain changes that need to be made so, 4:00 we can start by doing our part as artists by making certain paintings that cover the message,” Shane Young said.

The exhibit is on display through January 6. Some of the artwork is for sale at the Art Center and online. The participating artists and the Black Lives Matter letter or image they created and painted follow. 
#: Jarrod Dortch
B: Nathaniel Rhodes
L: Rebecca Robinson
A: Amiah Mims
C: Billy Hoodoo
K: Kevin West
L: John G. Moore
I: Gary Gee
V: Deonna Craig
E: Rae Parker
S: Ess McKee
M: Wavy Blayne
A: Harriet Watson
T: Israel Solomon
E: Shamira Wilson 
R: Ashley Nora
Fist: Fingercreations