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INDIANAPOLIS — The Black Lives Matter mural is complete in downtown Indianapolis.

The project has the section of Indiana Avenue between Blackford and West streets closed down through August 6 to allow the mural time to dry.

The project has been in the work for several months, with local artists pitching in. Those participating said the mural is a way to spread their message of equality and hope in central Indiana.

“It’s motivation, I mean it’s a message that really speaks to unity. You know, having a message painted on one of the most historical streets in Indianapolis—Indiana Avenue—so there’s a history component to what we’re trying to accomplish as well,” said community organizer Alan Bacon.

Bacon said there more than a dozen Black artists whose work was being incorporated into each individual letter.

“We’re out here trying to spread the message of love and equality,” he said. “We just think that this is a very important moment in Indianapolis’ history and world history. For Indianapolis to take part in driving history and change is really important and I’m proud of our city.”

Bacon said he and others hope the message inspires people to help eradicate racism. The Indianapolis Department of Public Works coordinated with the artists for street closures and suggests the following detours:

  • Traffic headed northwest on Indiana Avenue should use West Street/Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, 11th Street, 10th Street, and University Boulevard.
  • Traffic headed southeast on Indiana Avenue should use University Boulevard, New York Street, and West Street.

Artists worked on the project throughout the weekend.

Other cities across the country have painted similar murals on their streets.