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FRANKLIN, Ind. (Sept. 2, 2015)– Pink hair and her small but powerful frame–that’s the sight of determination in motion. 17-year-old Logan Anderson is hitting the trails with the Franklin Community High School girls cross country team.

“I have aniridia and microphthalmia which are two eye conditions that make the eyes small and misshapen,” said Anderson.

Anderson also has oculocutaneous albinism–causing her light skin, white hair that she dyed pink and white eyebrows. That condition can also affect the eyes.

She has been blind since she was 2 years old and she sees some light out of her right eye. None of that mattered when she set her heart on being a member of the cross country team.

“I love the feeling of running. Being free and having that feeling to myself,” said Anderson.

Anderson runs with a guide runner to help her navigate the road. She says her team members make her want to push harder–but her coach says Anderson has taught them all a life lesson.

“But seeing her handle the challenges and go through the good days and bad days and still have a good attitude about things you can’t help but be inspired by what she’s doing,” said Coach Ray Lane.

Coach Lane says Logan spent the summer training to build up her endurance and this year she was ready to compete.

“The first race she ran…It didn’t matter what place she comes in. It doesn’t matter if you’re first or last. She’s like I’m going to finish because she wants to inspire people,” said Lane.

Anderson wants everyone to experience what it feels like to run through life’s obstacles and never let it hold you back.

“And I just wish the world knew how it felt because not all people get to enjoy it. And I’d like to continue running.”

Anderson is a senior this year. She says she plans to continue running in college. Her current goal is to chip away at her 5K run time.