Blind man sees his first Colts game

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INDIANAPOLIS–On the Colts final game of the season, one die-hard fan got the chance to see the game, like he never had before.

In fact, this was the first game he was actually able to see.

Scott Reese loves the Colts more than any other NFL team.  But it’s almost impossible for him to watch them play.

You see, Reese can’t see.  He’s legally blind.

To watch a Colts game on TV, he almost has to press his face right against the screen.

And to experience a game in person he had to go to guest relations and get a headset.

But on Sunday afternoon Reese says he was actually able to see Pat McAfee.

Reese could see the colts and everything else in Lucas Oil Stadium like he never had before.

Reese explains, “It’s not the first time I’ve been to a colts game, but it’s the first time I’m actually going to be able to see what’s going on.”

The Star Trek looking visor he was wearing is called eSight, is a device that is letting Reese finally see the world.

“It’s my miracle that I’ve waited almost 38 years for,” says Reese.

The visor captures images through a camera embedded in the frame, then two miniature screens inside adjust to create an image that Reese can see.  He is able to control the zoom, sharpness and color through a handheld control.

It’s technology that has changed Reese’s vision, but not his perspective.  His blindness was never something he let stand in his way.

“Just because someone has an impairment, ” says Reese, “I don’t care if it’s visual or if you can’t hear or whatever, there’s something we can do that we enjoy doing.”

eSight doesn’t fix all blindness.   But developers of the technology say it can improve the vision of about 86 percent of the visually impaired population.

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