BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Bloomington Police are investigation four separate incidents of arson that took place just before 2:00 a.m. Monday morning.

Kassie Jensen, co-owner and baker with Two Sticks Bakery, said she was woken up on Monday to a call from the Bloomington Fire Department.

“Our four recycle bins that were in the back of the building had been set on fire, then causing the electrical panels to all light on fire,” said Jensen. “I’m just grateful it wasn’t worse.”

The incident caused the entire mixed-use building to lose power and several tenants living above the bakery were forced to evacuate.

However just before the fire was discovered outside Two Sticks Bakery, Bloomington Police say a 31-year-old transient man, Tyler D. McMillen, was arrested for starting a dumpster fire in the 300 block of E University Street.

In the span of minutes, officers located two more dumpster fires – one in the 500 block of S Grant Street and another in the 500 block of S Lincoln Street. At this time, police cannot say whether all four incidents are connected.

“Financially it’s a big deal really. And not only that – it’s student move-in week which is a super busy week for us,” said Jensen after having to close up shop on Tuesday to finish delayed prep. “Parents are here, students are coming back, everyone’s moving in… and we’re closed.”

Thankfully, Jensen said the community showed up during the bakery’s reopening day on Wednesday.

“We were sold out, I believe, by 10:30 a.m.,” said Jensen. “We definitely financially made up for the lost day so really grateful for that for sure.”

A generator in the back of the building is now providing power to the entire building for the foreseeable future. Jensen said parts needed to replace the utility box are delayed due to shortages.

“They told us potentially six months which is crazy,” said Jensen.

Bloomington Police said all four fires remain under investigation at this time.