Bloomington community remembers family involved in murder-suicide


BLOOMINGTON — The Monroe County Coroner has identified the family involved in an alleged murder-suicide.  

“This is one of the kindest and nicest ladies that you would ever meet. Kindest couple of kids you would ever meet, and Jeff was even a very kind man,” said family-friend Aubrey Burt.

Bloomington police believe 61-year-old Jeffery Mumper killed his wife — 54-year-old Annamarie Greta — and his two children — 26-year-old Emma Mumper and 18-year-old Jakob Mumper — before taking his own life this past weekend. 

Diana Easley said she just spoke with Greta not long ago. 

“We had girl’s night on the porch. Jeff has been unwell, and he has been kind of sequestered. We just had the girl’s night to catch up with anticipation of getting the school year back,” Easley said. 

Friends said Emma was a PhD student in New York and was in town visiting her family. 

Jakob was a high school senior and a member of the Indiana Swim Club. 

“He was a really breathtaking, sound swimmer. He was a pleasure to watch in the water and respectful with other swimmers,” said Indiana Swim Club President Jody Madeira. 

The community now wants to honor their legacy and is asking outsiders to hold their judgement.

“They were going through a lot. I want people to be kinder. I want people to understand this is a tragic situation, and that it’s hard to fathom it could happen if you knew these people,” Burt explained. 

Bloomington police say they don’t have a motive, currently. They say there was no note or anything left behind at the scene that would give them any insight into what led to the alleged murder-suicide.

Jakob’s swim teammates plan to get together this weekend to host a vigil for him. 

The official cause of death hasn’t been released in this case. 

Jakob attended high school in the Monroe County School Corporation.

The corporation released the following statement about his death:

The Monroe County Community School Corporation mourns the loss of one of our wonderful families. This family, family members, relatives and friends are all in our thoughts as we try to understand this tragedy. Counseling is available for students and staff.

Monroe County Community School Corporation

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