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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Some people may look at the Brood X cicadas and get squeamish, but a group of creatives in Bloomington saw them and got hungry.

A team of creatives in Bloomington launched a pop-up cicada experience Friday. The event featured numerous recipes highlighting the “surprisingly shrimp-like” quality of cicadas. The dishes ranged from cicada-encrusted pork shoulder tacos to a chocolate-cicada treat.

Retired biology professor Dr. Stephen Jones of Drury University spoke at the event along with local artists. There was even cicada-inspired music.

The team behind the event is planning another event on June 12, and is working to gague interest.

 “If we find a large number of people who are as excited as we are to try cicadas and to learn about the science surrounding them, we will expand our events throughout June,” Aaron Jones, the event director explained.

Event organizers warn that people with shellfish allergies should not partake. Money raised from the event is being donated to a local school’s science department. For more information, visit the event webpage.