BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Bloomington homeless organizations are rushing to find supplies after a fire ripped through a popular homeless camp on the city’s north side.

“It’s a longstanding camp that has been used for at least a decade,” said Forrest Gilmore, executive director of the homeless organization Beacon Inc.

The camp is located near Gourley Pike, and parts of it still remain after the spot caught fire Sunday night. Gilmore said they are still trying to determine who was living there. He said there may be anywhere from five to ten people there on a given night.

“Our first goal is to get them into the shelter, but some people choose not to be in shelter for various reasons,” explained Gilmore.

Temperatures are expected to drop to dangerous levels in the coming days. Gilmore said the homeless community in that area has already had 13 people die since September, but he did not say how.

Harry Collins was out at the camp on Monday. He founded the Bloomington Homeless Coalition.

“We haven’t had anyone freezing out here yet, and the reason I say yet is, it’s still early,” detailed Collins. “If we could only lose one person a year, that’s one person too many.”

Collins has spent the past 25 years of his life in and out of homelessness. His experience is what prompted him to start the Homeless Coalition. All of their fundraising efforts go directly to help those in need in the community. Like Beacon Inc, they are looking for any donations to help in the coming days. The temperatures are expected to reach single digits.

“We need tarps, tents, sleeping bags, blankets, warm weather stuff,” listed Collins. “Whatever we get, immediately goes out to the people who need it.”

“Hats, gloves, coats, long underwear, clean long underwear,” added Gilmore. “Boots are really important this time of year.”

If you are looking to donate to the Bloomington Homeless Coalition, their drop-off site is at the Indiana Recovery Alliance located at 118 South Rogers Street in Bloomington. The non-profit also has a GoFundMe page for financial donations.

If you are looking to donate to Beacon Inc. just click here. You will be able to give financial contributions on their website or learn where to drop off physical goods.