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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Bloomington police arrested a man for allegedly stabbing a woman in the neck last week.

Police were called to Wingate by Wyndham hotel for a reported stabbing on Thursday, July 1.

A female victim told police she was stabbed in the neck by her boyfriend, 29-year-old Christopher Marrero, She says he lunged at her after an argument and that she thought Marrero was only going to grab her by the neck and not actually stab her. After she was stabbed, the victim said the suspect demanded she give him her credit card before wrapping the knife in a hotel towel and leaving the room.

Police say another person was in the room and witnessed the stabbing.

After speaking to a witness, police arrested Marrero for attempted murder. Police say he was found with a knife on his person.

The victim is expected to survive but court documents indicate she will likely need surgery for her neck wound.