Police arrest men accused of raping women at gunpoint near IU campus

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (Nov. 10, 2014) – Bloomington police arrested two men accused of breaking into an apartment and raping two women.

A 22-year-old caller told emergency dispatchers that she heard her roommate screaming and thought she was being raped. Police said the men targeted two women, both 24 years old, after entering their home armed with handguns.

A Bloomington police officer was shot at while responding to the call at a residence on East 12th Street around 4:30 a.m. Sunday. The officer returned fire and hit two of the men.

Michael W.L. Deweese, 19, and Vaylen Keishaun Glazebrook, 19, both from Indianapolis, were arrested on preliminary charges of attempted murder, rape while armed with a weapon, burglary while armed with a weapon, confinement while armed with a weapon, intimidation with a weapon and resisting law enforcement with a weapon.

Jesse Benti-Torres, 19, Danville, was arrested on preliminary charges of burglary while armed with a weapon and assisting a criminal. Police said he dropped off the other two in the residential neighborhood because they planned to pull off a burglary.

The three suspects are not Indiana University students, according to Bloomington’s police chief.

Police said the officer’s shots hit Deweese and Glazebrook, who both suffered non-life-threatening injuries. One was captured after a brief foot chase; the other was hiding in a vehicle parked on a nearby street. The officer, who was placed on paid administrative leave, was not hurt. An internal investigation is underway, which is standard procedure.

Bloomington police said the victims and suspects did not know each other.

“It is scary. The fact that we had the 19 year old kids with guns that are breaking into apartments and committing violent acts –yeah it is (scary),” Chief Michael Diekhoff said.

Chief Diekhoff said they were told the men were in town to party.

FOX 59 spoke to several people, who live nearby, who said they saw two out of the three men earlier that night.

“They were here like …they were here until about midnight and left. I’ve only seen them twice before,” Jeff Wagner said.“I remember 2 of them, (but) not the 3rd guy. We saw them come here earlier in the night. We partied with them a little bit. They actually went to Dunnkirk with me before this happened, but it’s kind of crazy to figure out what went on after the fact ‘cause I didn’t think they were those type of guys,” Dan Beckum said.

Students said they were shocked to hear about what happened.“You never want to hear about stories like that,” Nick Syzdek said.

“Man, now that’s crazy because all we heard was it was just a shootout and then the next thing you know like we find out it’s a sexual assault,” Kalvin Thompson said.

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