Bloomington police officer helps parents surprise daughter with Justin Bieber tickets

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (April 16, 2016) – Some Bloomington parents worked with a police officer to surprise their daughter with Justin Bieber tickets.

Abigail Guthrie turned 17 Wednesday and her parents, Rachel and Troy, wanted to find a creative way to give Abigail her birthday present, tickets to see Justin Bieber in concert in Louisville next week.

Abigail’s parents arranged to have Bloomington Police Sgt. Brandon Lopossa pull her over for a fake traffic violation on the way to her birthday dinner.

They had given the tickets and a description of the car they would be driving to Lopossa before the officer’s shift and they communicated plans through text messages.

The family made their way to Janko’s Little Zagreb and when she was close to Fairview Elementary School, Troy Guthrie told his daughter to make a turn. Lopossa flipped on his lights and sirens and pulled Abigail over. When Lopossa approached the car, he said she hadn’t signaled early enough.

“Please let me off with a warning,” Abigail whispered. “It’s my birthday!”

But Lopossa pulls out an envelope and asks Abigail to look over the violation to see when her court date would be.

“What the heck is this?” Abigail yelled when she saw the Bieber ticket in the officer’s hand. “I’m going to cry!”

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