Bob Knight calls Trump ‘most prepared man in history to step in as president’ at rally

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Presidential hopeful Donald Trump spoke in front of thousands of Hoosiers at the Indiana State Fairgrounds once again on Wednesday. And this time he had a special guest with him that most Hoosiers all know very well – legendary IU basketball coach Bob Knight

Shortly after Trump took the stage, he introduced Knight, and the crowd erupted.

During his speech, Knight thanked the crowd for allowing him to coach in Indiana for so many years.

“Nowhere in the world is a sporting group followed better than this state follows basketball. I just want to thank you for the opportunity that I had to coach in this state; it will always be something that I cherish,” Knight said.

Knight went on to sing Trump praises, calling him the “most prepared man in history to step in as the president of the United States.”

“There has never been a presidential candidate prepared to the lengths that this man is, and let me say something here too. I am not here to represent the Republican Party, and I am not here to deal with any organization that deals with politics. I think the most important thing in the world is that we vote for the best man there is for this job and you’ve already met him,” Knight said.

When Trump took the stage again, he wasted no time at all to address the Cruz / Kasich alliance. He called the pair “colluders” and said what they’re doing is a “disaster” and “catastrophic.”

Trump also addressed Cruz’s announcement today in which he name Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential running mate. “Cruz can’t win. What’s he doing picking a vice president.”

Trump made it clear this this wasn’t the last time we’ll see him in the Hoosier state. He said he plans to go home briefly and then he’ll be back for three days. “I’m not playing games with Indiana. You are going to get so tired of me. You are gonna say turn off the news darling, turn off the news… I can’t watch it anymore. But we are gonna win it!”

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