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Christopher Tripp Zanetis

DOVER, Del. – The body of a Carmel High School graduate who died in a helicopter crash in Iraq has returned to the U.S.

Vice President Mike Pence was there when the remains of Christopher Tripp Zanetis arrived overnight at Dover Air Force Base.

Zanetis was among seven service members killed when the aircraft crashed in Iraq during troop transport last week.

Zanetis was an active Air National Guard member and helicopter pilot who graduated from Carmel in 1999. He spent 10 years with the New York City Fire Department and graduated from Stanford Law last year.

M. Elizabeth Magill, dean of the law school where Zanetis enrolled in August 2014, released a statement about his death, calling him a “beloved student” who “will be deeply missed.”

“We are heartbroken at his loss. Our thoughts are with his family and with all who knew and loved him,” Magill said. “He was one of the most extraordinary students I had the privilege of knowing, and he will long be remembered in the institution.”

Students and faculty are planning a campus event to honor Zanetis’ life.