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MUNCIE, Ind. – A tip from a psychic led to the discovery of bones by a film crew in Delaware County Sunday, but those remains are not human, the coroner’s office said.

According to the Muncie Star Press, a film crew was working on a segment about Ashley Morris Mullis, who disappeared in 2013 and hasn’t been seen since. A suggestion from a psychic led the crew to a bridge along Ind. 3, where the bones were discovered.

Ashley Morris Mullis

Mullis, a mother of three, disappeared in September 2013, when she was 27 years old. The Muncie native was living in the Royerton area when she went missing, and her family continues to search for answers concerning her disappearance.

Delaware County Coroner Scott Hahn was called to the scene on Sunday around 12:40 p.m. Investigators initially said it was unclear if the bones belonged to a human or animal, but Hahn confirmed Monday that they were not human in nature.

The Delaware County Sheriff’s Office, which is assisting in the investigation, said the Eaton Police Department is the lead investigative agency in the case.