Boy with rare disease proves doctors wrong, scores touchdown

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(August 25, 2015) – Ben Holloway was 3-years-old when he was diagnosed with dural arteriovenous fistula (dAVF) in April 2014.

dAVF is a disease caused by rare vascular anomalies formed by an abnormal connection between arteries and veins that normally drain the brain

According to Holloway’s GoFundMe page, the excess blood on his brain caused a golf ball sized pocket of blood to form directly behind his left eye.

Throughout the past year, Holloway has undergone three brain surgeries.

Doctors told Holloway, now 5-years-old, he would never be able to play football. But Holloway proved them wrong!

According to CBS News, the Murray County High School football team organized a game for him to play in, and it was all caught on video!

“He fell down twice,” his dad, Joshua Holloway, told CBS News. “But he got back up, grabbed the ball and scored into the end zone.”

The video was posted on Facebook August 15 and already more than 6,500 people have shared the video.

He’s a “walking, talking, touchdown-scoring miracle,” his dad said.

Photo of Ben Holloway. Credit: GoFundMe.
Photo of Ben Holloway. Credit: GoFundMe.

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