The damp and dreary weather is over, at least for the time being, and unseasonably warm weather is taking hold. Great news for area farmers as well.

How do you follow up such a beautiful weekend?
We are already warming Monday afternoon with several locations reaching and surpassing 80-degrees but a real SUMMER SURGE is coming our way.

Behind a northeast bound warm front, temps have jumped into the 90’s out west Monday afternoon. That front carries mid/high level clouds into the area overnight and sets the table for a very warm Tuesday. Southeast winds will become south and elevate area temperatures and humidity Tuesday. Tuesday’s predicted high of 87° will be the warmest of the year and much of the upcoming week will feature afternoons in the 80s.

MAY can take some sharp turns – this year is no exception. EXACTLY 2 YEARS AGO today we set the ALL-TIME low for the month. 27° May 9th, 2020.

We gave the green light for our garden planting entering the weekend but it as been a terribly SLOW GO for area farmers so-far this Spring. With rain/snow falling on 75% of the days since Apr 1st – Corn and Soy planting are only at a fraction of normal. It is going to get busy in the fields this week!
Dry time will be plentiful this week with the exception early Wednesday. A storm complex overnight could be arriving early Wednesday as it is decaying, otherwise no real organized rain will come until the weekend.

So it that it? Is spring over? Did we even have one? So often it feels like we jump right into the warmth. While the week ahead will feature several days in the 80’s, showers this weekend will deliver a cool down to MORE SEASONAL levels this weekend. A trend to slightly cooler weather will take hold mid-Month.