Broken phone? Local company offers deals on phone repairs

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Indy iPhone Repair, located at 6433 E. Washington Street, Suite 185 is where they guarantee to have the lowest prices in town on repairing iPhones, iPads and many other phones.

So how much money can you save there? Most of the time they say it’s at least 50 percent. The store charged a recent customer $30 for a replacement battery for their iPhone 4. The customer said Apple wanted to charge them $89.

“Places like Apple obviously have a much greater overhead, and they have to pay more people,” said technician Jason McCoy. “There are just a few of us, and we pass the savings down to the customers.”

Customers have several choices when coming into the shop. The owner and staff tell you upfront just how much the phone or repair will cost.

“You can buy a phone here, sell the one you have, or we can fix it,” said Dan Faulker, the owner of Indy iPhone Repair. “We’ll let you know right here as you wait what it’s going to cost and how long it’s going to take.”

Customer Jorge Gomez has had two phones fixed at the repair shop. He said one had a broken screen and the other had a nonfunctional “home button.”

“The work is quality and the price is too,” said Gomez. “The owner also stands behind his repairs. He is a good and honest guy, and that’s why I like coming here to him.”

Indy iPhone Repair was started about six months ago. Despite the name of the business, your phone doesn’t have to be an iPhone. It can also be an Android. Many of the repairs can be done while you wait. Owners also tell FOX 59, don’t assume your phone is too old to be fixed or sold.

“If you have an old flip phone, one that you’re not wanting, then you can bring it in here. And if we can’t use it as a working phone, we can use it as parts. We’ll buy it and use it for parts,” said Faulkner.

They also say they don’t push you to throw away your old phone and buy something new. Every situation is different.

“A customer may come in and we’ll assess the problem. Then they will have to decide if for example they want to spend $100 to fix it or pay $150 to get a new one. We always give them that option,” said McCoy.

And if you mention FOX 59, they said, they’ll give you an additional 5 percent off! The best way to get ahold of them is to call (317) 480-9156 because their website is under construction at this time. The business phone number and address is also listed on here. ‎

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