‘Horrifying’ leg injury for Brownsburg’s Chloe Dygert after crash in Italy


Cyclist's father told IndyStar she's having surgery to repair torn quadriceps

IMOLA, ITALY — Brownsburg native Chloe Dygert, an Olympian and 10-time world champion cyclist, was reportedly injured but awake and talking after a scary crash in Italy.

Video posted on Twitter shows her bicycle wobbling as she rounds a curve during the UCI Road World Championships. She loses control and flips over a guardrail, landing out of sight down a grassy embankment.

Her coach, Kristin Armstrong, told Cyclingnews Dygert was airlifted to a nearby hospital due to a deep laceration in her leg, where she struck the guardrail. Armstrong called the injury “horrifying and sickening” and said Dygert will have a hard recovery ahead.

Chloe Dygert competes in February in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Maja Hitij/Getty Images)

However, the coach also remained optimistic about Dygert’s recovery, telling the publication: “She loves competition and the thrill of winning is in her DNA, and that will help her heal.”

IndyStar spoke to Dygert’s father, David Dygert, who said she was heading into surgery to repair a torn quadriceps muscle.

Dygert was on track to win her second ITT World Championship, according to USA Cycling, before she crashed and had to abandon the race.

An official update from USA Cycling is expected but has yet to come.

Although Dygert’s prognosis is unclear, this wouldn’t be the first time she’s bounced back from injury.

A native of Brownsburg and former local basketball star, Dygert switched to cycling following a string of basketball-related injuries and surgeries.

She won her first gold medal in the 2015 Road World Championships, then followed that with a trip to the Olympics in 2016, where she took home a silver medal.

Dygert was the returning road champion this year and the favorite to win.

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